Welcome to the Ankerhof fitness club

"Life is movement! Do you move a lot – including yourself?"

We warmly welcome you to the listed walls of the Ankerhof Fitness Club – the health sports and wellness provider in the heart of Halle!

We are a health sports and wellness provider and would like to enable you to have a holistic and health-oriented movement training as well as beautiful moments of relaxation in order to preventively counteract the diseases of civilization that are increasing today.

Are you very busy in your life and actually have "no time" for a balanced fitness training?

Lack of time should not be an excuse. for the sake of your health.
Let us accompany you from the first step!


Health, fitness and vitality

 Exclusively in the Ankerhof Fitness Club –

Health training on pneumatically controlled training equipment

Modern devices from the company "Keiser" controlled by air pressure offer you an optimal training to strengthen the muscles and the supporting and musculoskeletal system.

The resistance is created by air pressure, i.e. jerky movements are avoided and there is no risk of injury to ligaments, tendons and joints.
Furthermore, a stepless weight adjustment during the exercise is possible.

Pulse-controlled endurance training devices enable you to have an individually adapted, targeted and effective exercise program at any age.

You still have at your disposal:

  • dumbbell route, multipress, cable pulling device
  • Various small devices for free training, functional and balance exercises
  • stretching opportunities

Get to know yourself and your musculoskeletal system in order to maintain and strengthen your muscles and to improve your mobility and cardiac output.

Opening hours

Monday 13.30–21.00 hrs
Tuesday 10.00–19.00 hrs
Wednesday 13.30–21.00 hrs
Thursday 10.00–19.00 hrs
Friday 11.30–20.30 hrs
Saturday 14.00–19.00 hrs
Sunday closed

Last entry 1 hour before closing.

Short-term changes to opening hours will be published our news !

needs analysis

Common lifestyle diseases, such as::

  • overweight
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • diabetes orr
  • Back problems

often arise from a lack of exercise or one-sided stress and make life difficult for us.
Therefore, together with you, we create a needs analysis of your current health and sporting condition and your physical performance.

This includes an initial anamnesis with recording of body data, blood pressure measurement, body fat measurement, determination of the body mass index, cardiovascular stress test and strength and mobility tests. Furthermore, we discuss any health problems and previous illnesses, determine your training goals and give you a training recommendation based on your needs.

training schedule

Your health is important to us.

With regular and health-conscious training, you can counteract a number of aging processes and everyday problems.

For this purpose, after the initial consultation and the anamnesis, we create an individual fitness program with a corresponding training schedule for optimal training right from the start. This supports you in achieving and maintaining your personal training goals.

Personally tailored training programs against:

  • backache
  • overweight
  • high blood pressure
  • postural weaknesses

should help you to improve and maintain your performance and quality of life.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us directly in the fitness studio on 0345/570 27 394.


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